First presence of IACPOS in Panama

Panama Canal Museum

The installation of the system in the Museum of the Interoceanic Canal of Panama, supposes the first contact of IACPOS with this beautiful country, and it is an honor for us to do it through this beautiful Museum.

It is a permanent, non-profit institution, at the service of society and its development, which acquires, preserves, investigates, interprets, disseminates and exhibits the testimonies of the history of Panama and its Canal, for education, knowledge and the delight of the visiting public.

It does so through the careful selection, acquisition, and display of objects and materials related to the history, construction, technology, and operation of the Panama Canal.

The Museum of the Interoceanic Canal of Panama has temporary and permanent exhibitions where the testimonies of the history of the interoceanic route and the construction of the Panama Canal are exhibited.

In this case, the Museum entrusted IACPOS with the important mission of launching the automation of ticket sales, in such a way that the user could be provided with a fast and efficient system, as well as an operational back office that filled with information to the Center.

The installation has been a success in the midst of the pandemic, efficiently mounting the database and configuration applications on the local server, and using a team from the property for the sales system at the main box office.

The entire statistical system is installed in order to provide the property with all the necessary information regarding sales and visits; and it is prepared and configured to be able to make the sale and reserve online during the coming year.