20 years providing ticketing solutions


24-hour technical support in multiple languages with qualified personnel

What does our platform offer?

Possibility of purchase for those who do not have internet access

Personalized treatment by our specialists

Service available in multiple languages

Get the ad-hoc data of the sale and the questions in our CAU

Resolution of doubts through the HelpDesk tool

Resolution of incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days for 365 days

Call Center Features

The TICKAMORE Call Center service is a telephone sales channel that allows you to make an advance purchase, with personalized treatment in several languages


Possibility of HelpDesk service via chat

Telephone sales channel

Advance purchase of events

Knowledge of multiple languages

Own system of specific reports (not only for sales)

Online sales management

Booking management and sale of services and activities

Information calls (Schedule, price, duration of the visit, activities, etc.)

Service from Monday to Sunday

Tickamore is committed to the human factor in user service.

Call us or write to us and we will present you in detail a personalized proposal.