20 years providing ticketing solutions


TICKAMORE app users can get custom reports and extract them in a wide range of formats

What does our platform offer?

Integrated messaging tools for marketing

Broad view of development and performance

Dashboards with charts and maps

Automatic scheduling of reports sent by email

Secure data storage with a Microsoft SQL database

Anytime, anywhere access to your data

Statistical Features

The TICKAMORE Statistical technology provides all the necessary reports for the economic and statistical control of ticketing in each venue.

Centralized and integrated CRM system

Specific analytics tailored to each client

Data visualization system

data mining system

Establishing patterns and trends

Complete traceability of operations

Full tracking of activities or events

Control of visits and economic control

Comparisons by days, weeks, months and years

Information on the evolution of your sales and visitors for decision making

Different formats for later use in decision making

Crossing data from different sources that allows any anomaly to be found before it becomes a major problem

Quick and efficient data analysis

Secure and reliable data collection