20 years providing ticketing solutions


TICKAMORE’s API technology allows integration with as many platforms as desired, channeling sales at a single point, optimizing investment and with specific reports

What does our platform offer?

Channel your sales with travel agencies

Launch more channels and get more sales

Centralize all sales from a single system

Get ad-hoc data from each sales channel

Ensures the validity of all entries

Single access control for all channels

API functionalities

TICKAMORE’s API technology allows you to manage tickets in any format, with a single point of sale, optimizing investment and with specific reports

Investment optimization

Unique point of sale

Communication with travel agencies, tour operators and other entities

Dumping of data on the same system as the rest of the sales channels

Specific reports

A single global capacity

Ensuring the validity of all entries

User control with advanced business rules

Validations customized to the needs of each project

Possibility of including the ticket on any format

What is an API and what is its function?

Its acronym responds to its Anglo-Saxon name: Application Programming Interfaces, which refers to protocols that facilitate the development, design and integration of software and applications, thus becoming one of the most useful integration and communication tools.

It allows access, data and information exchange, without losing the independence of the parties involved.

The development of APIS TICKAMORE allows all the functionalities that we have explained to you, and they are applicable to very different markets, sectors, clients and needs: ticket sales in museums and cultural spaces (theatres, cinemas, shows…) and ticketing for events and leisure (sports, tourism, theme parks, zoos, aquaparks…).

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