20 years providing ticketing solutions


Different options in access control according to the needs of the center or the event

What does our platform offer?

Different automated control elements

Reduction in transit times

Local or remote validations depending on the work scenario

Sending data for later control of visitors

Type of tickets, reservations, QR, barcodes and third-party tickets

Scan large group tickets and family tickets with ease

Features for access control

TICKAMORE’s Access Control technology allows different configurations of access to your premises: reader scanner, PDA and turnstiles, electronic cards…

Allow visitors to easily scan their tickets, cards, mobiles or wristbands and gain access through the different access elements

Multiple access control solutions that ensure there are no queue issues

Control by white lists and black lists

Barcode Systems, 1D. 2D or QR

Allows you to set the number of total accesses allowed per entry

Limitation to certain days of the week

Control by date range or time range

Access and exit through different doors

Scanner reader

PDA, giving maximum mobility to responsible personnel

Lathes with electronic cards configured by IACPOS to consult the system

Lecterns in case of poor connection or network drops