IACPOS present at the IAAPA Virtual Conference: The Americas

On September 2 and 3, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the first IAAPA Virtual Conference: The Americas, where the teams from IAAPA North America and IAAPA Latin America and the Caribbean were present.

As the global attractions industry moves together, IAAPA created this online event to keep members connecting, learning and growing.

During this two-day program, we had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders from around the world as well as gain and share key insights on generating business ideas, creating a culture of innovation, and much more. In addition, throughout these days we were able to develop and establish relationships with various personalities and important entities in the sector in the different colloquiums, “coffee rooms” and “happy hour”.

In these two days we were able to listen to the opinion of our colleagues on topics such as: cybersecurity, cashless operations, emerging trends, the new way of providing good customer service, motivating the workforce, thinking in a disruptive way, transformation of small attractions, etc. Full stop deserves D. Paul Pei’s exposition about how buying and selling is something emotional and his way of transmitting the message in a new and impressive way.

Thanks to the platform provided by IAAPA to attend these conferences, we were able to exchange ideas during the sessions in an interactive way, have a fun time through small games, give feedback through different surveys and share our ideas through networks social networks with the hashtag #VirtualAmericas.

Also thank John Hallenbeck (IAAPA North America) and Paulina Reyes (IAAPA Latin America) as executive directors for organizing the event and the rest of the speakers: Christine Buhr, Mike Abecassis, David McKillips, Shaun McKeogh, Matt Heller, Teresa Cardenas, Linda Freeman , Felipe Arteaga, Kevin McNulty, Jim Pattison Jr., Greg Hale, Leslie DaCruz, Ted Molter, Amanda Thompson as well as the “master of ceremonies”, Valeria Cañón.