Anti-resale solution: nominative tickets against fraud

There is a great generalized problem in the whole world with the reselling of tickets in different events and spaces. They are usually Museums, Leisure Centers, Monuments and Shows, with a high volume of visitors and with difficulties in obtaining a ticket for certain days, combined with the limitation of space in the venue and the importance of the event itself.

This leads to fraudulent mediation and intermediation, and even malpractice by professionals in the sector, who generate extra business with resale techniques and, in turn, generate problems for both the property and the visitor.

Although more and more spaces have modernized their ticketing system, the problem continues to exist, as this does not prevent fraud by those who want to benefit from the property and, above all, by the unsuspecting visitor who does not know in the end if they are being scammed (paying more), or what is worse, that you find yourself in the situation of having paid, that you cannot access the premises.

The anti-resale of tickets, a concern of the Ministry of Culture

This issue has also been addressed by the Ministry of Culture, which together with the autonomous communities have given the green light to a report on the resale of tickets which, among other solutions, proposes its prohibition in the event that it is a resale of a lucrative nature and that these are nominative.

Minister José Guirao explained to the media that the regional representatives have “agreed” that there must be “a general framework” to address this matter, although he has clarified that “we will see if it is a law or a decree law”. For the Minister of Culture of Andalusia, Miguel Ángel Vázquez, the nominative sale that is taking place in the Alhambra in Granada is having “very good results and should be an example to imitate”.

A system of nominative tickets for the Alhambra in Granada

IACPOS has launched in Alhambra de Granada, an anti-resale plan with a System of nominative tickets: the tickets obtained at the box office and online, will bear the name of the buyer, who will have to be the one who attends, identifying himself at the door with the corresponding identification , which means that visitors who are not ticket owners will not be allowed access.

It prevents the tickets that are put up for sale from falling into the hands of people for speculative purposes. It guarantees that it is the buyer who finally attends the event and not another. In this way, resale is clearly penalized.

The IACPOS nominative ticket module allows the possibility of admitting a person, but this decision must be made before making the purchase. The buyer must indicate the name and surname of a titular assistant, who could be a different person from the buyer, so there will be no problem accessing the site.

In this article we explain the Success Story of the comprehensive ticket sales solution that we have implemented in the Alhambra in Granada. For years, the Alhambra had an obsolete ticketing system that caused endless queues, as well as an outdated website that did not allow the purchase of tickets through mobile devices. We have implemented a system that allows you to manage the entire ticket sales process, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, both from the web, mobile or tablet.

As we mentioned before, the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish State and the autonomous communities have proposed a nominative ticket solution as an anti-resale plan. We will closely follow the next steps that are being taken.