Ticketing sector facing the coronavirus crisis

Due to the global health emergency, the leisure and tourism sector is undoubtedly one of the most affected by this COVID crisis.

We know that the paralysis of the sector, as well as the enormous decrease in the number of visitors that is to come when the Leisure Centers are reopened, is affecting, and will affect, many of our clients, who are going to have to readapt to a new situation.

All of this will be temporary, and everything will return to normal in a short space of time. And the client knows that and is already preparing.

In fact, a change in consumption habits is being detected, where the offline channel is having a really bad time, and E-Commerce is growing in many sectors.

In our sector, this is not going to be any different, and advance reservations or sales are going to become very important, as well as the reduction in capacity, all of which is much more controllable thanks to the Marketplace or E-Commerce.

In this line, different studies confirm that the Spanish are willing to carry out activities that have to do with leisure, since it is in the first categories of “revenue spending” (expenditure that we want to do when the crisis ends).

For this, at IACPOS we are adapting to the situation, with our team working daily, coordinating with our clients to constantly update and help in this situation, as we have always done.

Important fact is that we continue to expand the market, and we continue to close agreements, in which in many cases, the importance of the aforementioned online part becomes extremely important.

Right now union and teamwork are more important than ever. In fact, IACPOS treats this new great threat in the form of viruses as a great opportunity to improve. Times of uncertainty? Yes, but it is also time to adapt and reinvent ourselves.

It is something that at IACPOS has made us stronger.

On behalf of the entire IACPOS team, much encouragement to all our clients as well as to the entire industry.