Renewal of the San Luis de Los Franceses service

The monumental complex of San Luis de los Franceses is located in the historic center of Seville.

Built between 1699 and 1731 by the architect Leonardo de Figueroa, it is made up of the old Jesuit novitiate, where its chapel stands out, and the public church. The interior is beautifully decorated by the painters Lucas Valdés and Domingo Martínez, the images and altarpieces of the temple being mostly works by the sculptor Pedro Duque Cornejo.

The main altarpiece is profusely decorated and is a spectacle of forms, mirrors, lights and colors, highlighting a large crown on a canopy presided over by a canvas of Saint Louis, from the Zurbarán school. The Domestic Chapel is located in the old novitiate, separated from the main church. It was a private church with a single nave and is profusely decorated with frescoes, paintings, images and relics, works by the painters Lucas Valdés and Domingo Martínez, along with images of Duque Cornejo.

A few years ago, this beautiful church decided to open its doors so that the visitor could enjoy its splendor, and from the beginning, the Provincial Council of Seville wanted to have the IACPOS system to cover its needs.

At the end of 2020, the service was renewed again, including the hardware and software maintenance of the physical point of sale, along with all the back office and statistical system that it entails.

Thanks for having us!