Commissioning of the IACPOS system in Beceite


The beautiful town of Beceite is located in the most prominent mountain range in the northeast of the province of Teruel. The Matarraña, Ulldemó, Algás and Pena rivers rise and flow in it, together with immense forests that make up mountainous landscapes of great beauty and that are home to one of the most varied and best preserved ecosystems in Europe.

Beceite and water are also intimately linked in the urban area, bathed by the Matarraña River, which rises in Beceite and forms several pools or ‘tolls’ of impressive beauty. Also, several ditches, branches and brazales cross the streets of the town which gives a greater charm to the town. In fact, its urban area has been declared an asset of cultural interest.

In order to enjoy this idyllic setting, on the one hand, a beautiful route with footbridges, called El Parrizal, is offered, with the possibility of being able to marvel at spectacular views between mountains, and crystal clear waters full of life.

And on the other hand, the possibility of being able to bathe in pools of water located in the riverbed. It is the Pequera Natural Area.

System Implementation

With the current pandemic situation, the town had a severe problem of influx and lack of control in terms of the volume of public interested in enjoying the two environments. The agglomeration of visitors, together with the previous traffic jam on the road at the entrances, caused the need for a real and prior control of the visitor.

In this way, the City Council, with good judgment, wanted to regulate the influx of mornings and afternoons to both destinations, as well as trying to ensure that visitors could make an appointment in advance, and thus avoid traveling to the town and then not being able to access the Natural spaces. All this, in addition, organized with the hotels in the area.

To do this, IACPOS came up with the control solution, gauging the mornings and afternoons with a limited number of visitors, controlling license plates in the parking access areas, and serving the City Council, with a reservation and ticket sales website https:/ /entradasbeceite.arteyocio.com/, with which the interested party obtains a ticket in advance and thus has the certainty that they will be able to access the spaces without problems.

And it is that in the midst of the pandemic crisis, Beceite has been able to update itself and provide security to its visitors, modernizing its website with our ticketing system. In these new times that we are living with the arrival of the coronavirus, technology can also be linked to nature. Here is a clear example.