New implementation of the solution in three Malaga Museums: Pompidou, Ruso and Casa Picasso

Currently, the Malaga Public Agency manages the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Birthplace Museum, the Center Pompidou in Malaga and the Collection of the Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg/Málaga.

The Pablo Ruiz Picasso Birthplace Museum was born under the name of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation on February 26, 1988, with the aim of studying and promoting the work and figure of the artist.

The Pompidou Center of Malaga was created in 1992 establishing programs of live shows, cinema and meetings, such as debates, meetings and conferences. The merger of the National Museum of Modern Art and the Creation Center allowed the creation of an architecture and design collection, which has become one of the most relevant in the world.

As for the Russian Museum of Malaga, the first headquarters in Western Europe of the Russian State Museum is established in the city, as one of the great milestones of the cultural offer that gives the city a prominent place on the international art scene.

Inaugurated in 2015, this space houses a series of long-term exhibitions, renewed each year, that cover the complex and fascinating history of Russian art and its changing relationship with European culture, as well as offering successive and outstanding temporary exhibitions that complete the discourse expository.

All of them make up one of the main destinations in Malaga to create exceptional experiences of art, leisure and entertainment.

The three museums have relied on IACPOS to manage the entire ticket sales service, working side by side in the midst of the crisis, with the current services company EULEN, allowing greater functionality to the centers, and providing a consistent ticket sales solution at the box office and online, with capabilities that are perfectly suited to the Museums’ goals, to provide exceptional customer service. A clear example is the possibility of combined tickets between the three museums.

IACPOS has helped improve online shopping, through an intuitive checkout process, alleviating demand on box office staff and increasing customer satisfaction.

Another significant benefit of the solution is controllability. Access is regulated by mobile readers, by reading the QR of the ticket, pdf or mobile, which also means added statistical information regarding sales/access to venues, through the IACPOS back office system.

This statistical system is also fed by sales from third-party companies, tracking the redemption at the box office, with the consequent follow-up of the same and providing dynamic information on the operations, replacing the tedious manual process.

At IACPOS we continue to work creatively hand in hand with our clients to use new solutions in an innovative way, to satisfy the needs of both the Museum and the visitor.