IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Punto de venta de entradas
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Control de accesos
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Máquinas automáticas
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IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Punto de venta de entradas
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Control de accesos
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Máquinas automáticas
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Cloud Service
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Tickamore es

Madrid SnowZone starts with the new IACPOS ticket sales system

The indoor ski resort in Madrid Snozwzone has undergone a remodeling that has been focused on improving the customer experience.

This improvement has taken place both in and out of the snow season. The works, which are part of a transformation process in which Intu Xanadú has invested 18 million euros, completely change the visitor’s perception thanks to more functional and pleasant facilities.

For this enormous remodeling, we are proud to announce the trust placed by Intu Xanadú in IACPOS for the implementation of the new comprehensive solution for the sale and reservation of tickets, activities and products.

IACPOS took on this project from the outset as a challenge due to its complexity, due to the management of ski instructors and slopes, class schedules, equipment rental, sale of merchandising and restaurant products, management of group reservations and schoolchildren, etc., but as Ashley Tisdale stated: “The only way to grow is by challenging yourself”.

Tickets are now available to buy through the web, and together with the online sales system we are pleased to announce the launch of the new IACPOS box office.

As Mr. Javier Villar, general manager of Madrid SnowZone, has recently pointed out: “We are very happy to be able to present this remodeling within the established deadline. It has been a few intense months whose main objective has been to improve the ski resort”. (http://www.madridsnowzone.com/blog/noticias/madrid-snowzone-culmina-su-remodelacion-y-reabre-sus-instalaciones/)

A spectacular new evolution of the ticketing system at the box office

For this project, SnowZone will have the new evolution of the IACPOS box office ticket sales system. It is a web application developed in Angular 7 with the following advantages:

  • TypeScript: Ease and optimization in application maintenance
  • Ease when making decisions
  • A stable future path: Long-term framework
  • Web Components: Ease of conversion into native web components
  • Great tool holder

This new evolution of the box office will continue to have the possibility of working in local-remote mode, which will make it possible to sell despite network outages.

This new evolution is a development based on API REST, with some of the following advantages:

  • Client/server separation
  • Independence of technologies / languages
  • Reliability, scalability, flexibility
  • Improvement in user experience

In the following image we see the payment screen with the invoice selection.


The new IACPOS Box Office has been developed with C# to control the peripherals on which the box office application is executed. This evolution in the box office follows the same pattern as the online ticketing system, aligned with the web developed in Angular 7 as well.

👈🏻 Here we see the online ticket sales system for the purchase of ski passes.

Madrid SnowZone, the only indoor station in Spain

Madrid SnowZone is a unique space in Madrid where you can practice your favorite sport throughout the year. The only indoor court in Spain and one of the largest in the world, located in the Intu Xanadú Shopping and Leisure Center.

It is located in a perfect geographical enclave, in the municipality of Arroyomolinos, just 20 minutes from Madrid, offering its visitors 18,000 m2 dedicated to the world of snow, both for expert skiers and for those who want to start in this sport.

It has a main slope with a length of 250 meters, 55 meters wide and a slope of more than 25%, and another slope of less slope of 100 meters long and 40 wide, perfect to start skiing. Among its complementary leisure activities are tobogganing and snowbikes.

For the little ones, it has the Snowgarden children’s snow garden, where children can enjoy various activities that stimulate their psychomotricity. In addition, it has a leisure offer for all ages that goes beyond the track itself. It has the largest indoor zip line in the world (over 200 meters) and Glacial Minigolf, with 18 game holes that run between 65 life-size replicas of polar animals. This variety makes the complex an excellent leisure option throughout the year and especially during the Christmas holidays. (http://www.madridsnowzone.com/blog/noticias/mas-de-2000-personas-acuden-a-la-fiesta-de-reinauguracion-de-madrid-snowzone/)