The Game On exhibition arrives for the first time in Spain

Fundación Canal opens today, November 29, the GAME ON Exhibition, the largest international video game exhibition, from the 70s to today. The largest immersive video game exhibition designed for the enjoyment of all audiences, whether players, nostalgic or curious of all ages, arrives in Spain for the first time.

It will take place in the Sala Castellana, Paseo de la Castellana 214, Madrid and will be open to the public until May 31, 2020.

IACPOS once again takes a qualitative leap in the development of its professional experience in terms of events of this nature. Tickets are now available to buy through the web, where you can access various discounts. There is a variety of prices and schedules between weekdays, holidays and weekends.

We are very pleased to announce the trust placed by an entity such as the Canal Foundation “a benchmark when it comes to generating knowledge, both in the field of art, culture, innovation and the environment”, in our company to the implementation of the comprehensive ticket and access sales solution, as well as for the global management of the venue and visitor service.

A spectacular exhibition space

The exhibition is located in a unique location, an area of 2,500 meters of surface in the underground water tank located in the Parque Cuarto Depósito of Canal Isabel II. The space preserves the image of an old cistern, with its 144 brick arches that rise more than 7.5 meters high. A design by the Smart and Green Design studio based on architecture built with lines of light.

Video game culture

Visiting Game On is a fantastic plan for families, educational and fun. An immersive tour where you can enjoy history and nostalgia in the arcade games section with Pac-Man, Pong or Donkey Kong, a scene from the present and the future with current favorites such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360 and some of emerging technologies like virtual reality and the Oculus Rift.

Game On is a traveling exhibition created by the Barbican, a London institution dedicated to culture, and opened in 2002 at the Barbican Centre. In these almost 20 years it has been visited by more than three million people. The largest version of Game On has come to Madrid and, in addition, it has been adapted with the inclusion of the Spanish games Gris (Nomada Studio), Rime (Tequila Works) and Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (Mercury Steam).

Last Wednesday, the exhibition was presented to the media, where the president of Fundación Canal and Minister of the Environment, Territorial Planning and Sustainability of the Community of Madrid, Paloma Martín, highlighted the importance of the video game as a current cultural manifestation and as a engine of the economy: “The Community of Madrid is home to 26% of Spanish companies in the sector, 31% of jobs and 36% of turnover”. The video game is considered the largest cultural industry in the world in terms of turnover, with a global sales figure of 120,000 million euros per year.

In this image: D. Patrick Moran (Curator of the exhibition), Dª. Paloma Martín (President of the Canal Foundation), Ms. Eva Tormo (Managing Director of the Canal Foundation), Mr. Jesús Albendea (Managing Director of Canal Isabel II) and Mr. Cristian Ruiz (Director of Exhibitions).