IACPOS receives the key to Miami - Dade County

IACPOS trajectory recognition

On November 4, 2019, IACPOS was awarded the key to Miami – Dade County: This is an encouragement to continue making efforts. It was an event in which we participated with some of the most important foreign companies in different sectors where we were able to talk with them and learn about the various projects that are going to be carried out.

The key to the county was collected by Ms. Mayté Suárez, managing partner and alma mater of the IACPOS project since its inception. She is currently the company’s CTO, who attended with the company’s CEO, Mr. Santiago Castillón.

The delivery of this key is a distinctive element rewarding those companies that have opted to generate business opportunities within the American county. Some of the sectors represented were logistics, technology, commerce, entertainment, manufacturing and health.

A badge that has been received on other occasions by personalities such as Florentino Pérez, representing the institution Real Madrid C.F. or Paloma Picasso, daughter of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

Without a doubt, this represents a recognition that highlights a trajectory and an effort of more than 7 years in North America, which adds to the already prestigious IAAPA certificate, obtained by the company in 2014.

Currently, Miami – Dade, due to its privileged geographic location, is presented as one of the key places in the company’s international strategy, even more so after having been awarded the ticket sales and access control system of the National Institute of History and Anthropology of Mexico.

Why invest in Florida?

Its GDP amounts to 1,036,323.2 million dollars (year 2018). It is the 4th economic power in the US after California, Texas and New York. Florida’s GDP represents 5% of the national GDP.
Florida’s unemployment rate in July 2019 was 3.30%, three tenths below the national average, which is 3.60%.
In Florida, 23.3% of the population (4,802,698 people) speak Spanish. The predominant spoken language in Miami-Dade County is Spanish, where 66.8% of the population is Spanish-speaking, 28.1% have English as their mother tongue, 4.3% French and 0. 5% Portuguese.
One of the sectors with the greatest potential is Information Technology: Florida is home to more than 29,000 companies in this sector.

Why Miami-Dade?

Miami-Dade County is the preferred gateway for many Spanish companies in their decision to establish themselves in the US, both as a base for their operations in the US market and, above all, for the market Latin American and Caribbean. Nearly two-thirds of the Spanish companies that established themselves in the southeastern United States in recent months chose Miami-Dade County as their destination.

There are many reasons that make Miami-Dade a unique location. Added to its privileged geostrategic position is the fact that it offers a business environment with a favorable business climate fostered by local authorities and supported by a multicultural and multilingual workforce that facilitates trade relations with Spain and the rest of the world.

The GDP of Miami-Dade has experienced a growth of 2.8% in the period 2012 – 2017, exceeding the state and national average and reaching 153,600 million dollars in 2017. Growth prospects in the coming years are optimistic, with a continued reduction in the unemployment rate and better economic performance.
The exponential growth that the city has experienced over the last decade has led to a significant increase in the cost of living. Although the average salary of the inhabitants is lower than what could be found in other large cities, such as New York, the absence of income taxes manages to equalize purchasing power.
The active population of the county reaches 1,392,345 people. According to June 2019 data from the Employment Office, 96.1% are employed (1,337,460 people), placing the unemployment rate at 3.9% (54,885 people in total).