IACPOS helps in the digital transformation of the museums of the City of Malaga

Yesterday morning our colleagues from 20 minutes echoed the news of the implementation of the IACPOS system in the publicly owned museums of the city of Malaga that we announced last August.

From our company, we also want to thank the collaboration throughout the process with EULEN Art, who, together with its director, Carmen Olivié, has always been present in the implementation of our solution.

In the words of Olivié, the IACPOS solution has made it possible to effectively control the capacity, which favors the quality of the visit and complete traceability in the management of ticket sales and reservations, access control and management of the capacity of the precincts”.

Undoubtedly, all the players in the sector firmly believe that the epidemiological crisis that is plaguing the world does nothing but accelerate the digital transformation of museums and leisure centers, as well as the implementation of a new culture in the way we interact with technology and we use it.

In addition, this technology helps in the prevention, containment and spread of the pandemic. There have been many museums that have signed up for the existing online ticket sales systems, introducing this pre-booking web format to control their capacity and capacity in the different spaces, as well as to further promote a contactless service.