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IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Punto de venta de entradas
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Control de accesos
IACPOS es ahora TICKAMORE | Máquinas automáticas
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How to implement loyalty plans in your ticketing system

Improve the customer experience and increase their loyalty

The web pages of the reservation systems must be one hundred percent responsive. The tourist today lives in a completely mobile environment. More than half of the inquiries received by online reservation systems are made from mobile phones or tablets. This is in line with the rest of the searches, not just the tourist ones. The mobile environment has already displaced desktop computers.
Ticketing processes are a crucial element for both the visitor experience and the management of the center. It is essential to optimize the online sales processes to facilitate the purchase of tickets and favor that you have a positive experience at all times with the center.

Today, more and more cultural and leisure organizations are realizing the need to transform digitally in order to meet the new demands of their audiences. The use of new technologies has made it possible to implement different loyalty plans to maintain a relationship with customers.

In particular, ticketing systems have become increasingly important for visitors. Building visitor loyalty is one of the most important tasks that cultural and leisure centers must carry out. However, a traditional business loses an average of 28% of its customers annually, simply and simply by failing in something basic: customer service in the quality of the visit.

Customer loyalty is a challenge for any venue, considering that it is cheaper to retain a customer than to find a new one. It is a long-term process that is based on the value perceived by the customer regarding our product.

It’s not just about the price; In reality, according to recent studies, loyal customers are less sensitive to this factor, because current customers are interested in other issues such as service quality.

This process must be understood as a comprehensive system that encompasses before – during – and after the visit. The visitor must be accompanied, all the processes are facilitated and they are helped to live a unique and unforgettable experience. Regardless of the BI solution as a tool for Data Analysis, for example, IACPOS has a tool for reviewing reports and creating statistics called SAE (Automated Statistics System). From the Reports and Statistics Module, a complete follow-up of the exhibitions, activities and events created with this tool is carried out, from the moment they were created until their completion, as well as a complete breakdown of the traceability of the operations carried out. about each of the entrances and venues involved, from the time they were reserved until they entered the center. From this tool, all the necessary reports are obtained for the economic and statistical control of the solution, which translates into:
Personalization: By knowing our customers better based on data and not assumptions, we can create personalized actions that are more effective. For example: more interesting incentives, promotional campaigns, value recommendations, personalized customer service, content tailored to needs, offline actions based on location data, mailing actions, etc.
Real-time improvements: Thanks to real-time data analysis, the venue can react in a very short time, either to correct errors or launch actions that meet the expectations of its visitors. With IACPOS all the data is collected and sorted automatically to be able to obtain any kind of reports in real time, both on ticket sales and income as well as everything related to the public. Knowing the degree of visitor satisfaction allows changes and modifications to be made around future customer loyalty strategies.

What do you need to implement a loyalty plan in your ticketing system

In short, your ticketing system should allow you to implement a loyalty plan with which:

  • Collect measurable results.
  • Identify your customers’ preferences to increase profits.
  • Retain your customers longer.
  • Enrich knowledge through the right questions.
  • Focus on your best customers.
  • Personalized customer service thanks to our cultural call center service.
  • Make decisions and save time and costs.

If you want to know how at IACPOS we can help you choose the most suitable ticketing tool for your venue and start up a loyalty plan for your customers, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to make you a personalized proposal.